Anything he does, it makes no difference for me.

She's an absolute angel.

Don't do that.

It's very jarring to hear uncensored songs with explicit lyrics playing in stores.

My name is Hashimoto.

Bill doesn't like the fact that his father smokes a lot.


How many stories does his house have?

They won't fire me.

You don't need to do this.

You have to listen to him.

Can this wait until tomorrow?

Boyce lost his colleagues' trust.

The news of the mayor's resignation traveled fast.

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He likes flamboyant clothes.


Claudio was waiting for Knute outside the restaurant.

The Yamada family lives in the apartment below this one.

Be a good listener!

What do you suggest doing?

Kris has a wife and kids.


It's nothing to be embarrassed about.


He is the right man for the post.

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Can we make a lunch date?


In the end, she still had something to say.

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Don't let the children play on this street.

I will give you this.

We may be fewer than what we would like, but we are far more numerous than what you can imagine.

I could never do that to her.

Rajiv took the trash out.

I can't stop it.

Would you stick around for a minute?

I go into the bank.

Don't tell him. He's got a loose tongue.


We became good friends.


She scared me.

All men are mortal, all Greeks are men, therefore all Greeks are mortal.

Mosur should never have done that.

Valerie told Derek that he was leaving.

Please translate this text from Japanese to French.

I'm the boss now.

If I were a bad demolitionist, I wouldn't be sitting here discussing it with you now, would I?

The ice of southern Argentina is suffering from the effects of climate change.

It could fall into the wrong hands.


There's nothing harder than a diamond.

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Mario should've told us about this.

She squeezed the juice from many oranges.

His father answered, 'God will provide, my son, the offering for himself.'

Hon couldn't answer their questions.

Would you like to go out to have a drink somewhere?

The train has two engines.

Is it true that you can write in Chinese?

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Guy told me that he wanted a dog.

He particularly liked history.

That bridge is anything but safe.

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You were terrific.


I've got some business with Stanley.


How is cheerleading practice?

I don't understand dog language.

Ji can swim almost as fast as Reiner.

Things are getting worse.

Everyone should be extra careful.

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I have a natural ability in mathematics.


Dwayne made eye contact with Jurevis.

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You must give close attention to the merest details.

Today is not good for me.

What's your favorite operating system?


Natraj often suffers from headaches.


Steak and caviar are my favorite dishes.

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When we arrived, the lecture had already begun.

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He resolved to turn over a new leaf.

Cole predicted Joe would do that.

Developing political awareness takes time.


Terrence won't be away for long.

Do you love your wife?

It is important to avoid having anyone absent from his assignment.

Sergeant frequently abused his wife and children.

I talked to Rolfe about my feelings.

Be nice and cook for your friend.

We kept our books closed.

I hope everything works out.

Boston is lovely this time of the year.

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Do you want to be near her?

Hotta talked to Lester after class.

These things always happen in threes.


The less you learn, the more you'll fail.


I have dinner plans with them.

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Where do you sleep?

The fact that educated Americans in general no longer share understandable background knowledge is a chief cause of their inability to communicate effectively.

Brandi was quiet.

I feel a little uncomfortable bringing this up, but I love you.

As well as mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects are animals too.


Senators drafted a resolution.


We had a good conversation.


Several years went by.

Alf said he was disappointed.

I got something else on my mind.

My native language is Spanish.

She's a fake.


I'm speaking from experience.


Martha can take a break if he wants.

I know the man sitting over there.

I don't see the small car.

I love you, Millie!

My teacher always said, "You can find happiness if you rid yourself of selfishness".

The dog pursued a rabbit into the forest.

He turned the problem over in his mind for three days before he did anything about it.

Be patient with us.

I don't think she is happy.

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I didn't know about it.

Van is the one who'll do the cooking.

I'm not surprised you don't remember.

Those goods are on approval.

The genius, wit and spirit of a nation are discovered in its proverbs.

I need to put the children to bed.

Would you like your ears to show?

The marathon runner finished the competition completely out of breath.

Carsten's a klutz.

Literature is the future of a nation.

The earthquake caused considerable damage.


You're thirty minutes early.


He answered in brief.

They are unlikely to marry.

Ramesh Jackson is our only suspect.

Surya should've finished at least an hour ago.

There was a photograph of Dan hanging above the bed.

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Don't keep company with such a man.

We haven't had that discussion yet.

Uri rides his bicycle to school.


Hearing the news, she turned pale.

"You talk too much," he said.

Can you tell me which bus or train I can take to get to the town centre?

The left front tire looks low.

The best don't always reap the rewards.

I can't help that.

Hazel's squirrel can smell hazelnuts from a mile away.

I have no choice at all.

Don't mention the war!


I am not widowed.

I didn't even want you to tell Syd.

Follow me and do exactly the way I do it.

Lievaart didn't want to get involved.

It was a complete disaster.


Win didn't have any friends here.


I want to bring her here.


Doyle was bleeding heavily from a gunshot wound.


Be just and you will be happy.

I have a fever and I ache all over.

How do you think it went?


I want chocolate!

Do you have a favorite song?

They are cousins, if I remember rightly.


Nobody speaks like this in Germany.

Don't step in the mud.

I am working full-time at a bookshop until the end of September.

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I rarely wear my nose ring.